Epsilon Electronic System S.r.l., was founded in November 1997 as a company specializing in design and production of electronic systems; in fact , in the early years of life, the company designs and produces primarily on behalf of companies electronic and electromechanical operating in various fields: civil and industrial; contemporaneously, in these same years , the groundwork is laid for future activities.

Signal and display were two of the areas in which the company has been able to operate thanks to collaborations with leading companies in Piedmont had operating internationally. The passion for innovative light sources (LED technology) and the experience have enabled us to develop, manufacture and market since 2001 , the first branded products Epsilon Electronic System S.r.l.: traffic signal lamps with LED technology.

Marketed since 2002 , this family of products, mainly dedicated to the public administration, has allowed the company to enter in the market with its own brand and an innovative product.

In subsequent years, the development of LED technology makes available components with lighting important features;within the company, it starts to imagine the creation of lighting systems with LED technology. In fact, as early as the 2002, Epsilon Electronic System begins to experience these new components that can produce white light.  In 2003, it proposed the first rudimentary lighting systems : it is only the beginning of a new path.

The design becomes an integral part of the new lighting solutions with LED technology , in 2004 , the company created the brand LELIDE Led Light Design.

The use of this brand, allowing the company to better identify the different families of products and solutions offered:

  • Lighting products (LELIDE)
  • Signal and display products (EPSILON)