Led electronic management and home automation, management software designed and produced in Turin; dynamic LED light, RGB dynamic LED light. Led Lighting dynamic, multi-color RGB and white light.

KEYBOARD and TOUCH SCREEN: countless and programmable chromatic variations. Multicolor RGB LED technology sets free imagination and creative approach of designers and end-users.Multicolor Dynamic Light. Color control, efficency, luminous quality and easiness of use are the essential characteristics of the range, designed to be adopted in various sectors of the illumination technique.

Big plant could be managed and customized, depending on customer’s requirements.Thanks to a simple and intuitive software (EPS-COLOR), it is posible to modify the colours at any time, choose between the available colours or create new ones, operate directly or via PC through pre-set or random sequences.The manual operating mode (recommended for the smaller installations) allows to adjust the illumination and the colour by means of a simple multi-function key-board; in medium and large installations the network connectionnof the single units enables to set the illumiaation and the colour of the whole system via comouter.

By use of EPS COLOR software you can choose the light you need.

Technical Data Sheet