Driver control and ontrol electronics for Led, designed and produced in Turin for led luminaires. Controls and driver for RGB LED multicolor. Electronic control systems and drivers, controlled by a microprocessor, for the selection, regulation and modulation of color in systems with RGB LED technology. 

Thanks to a simple and intuitive software, it is possible to modify the colours at any time, choose between the pre-set colours or create new ones; it could be operate directly by keyword or radio remote control, or via PC for bigger plant. By MEMO command, it is possible to memorize up to eight scenes; by AUTO command, it is possible to have a cycle of all colours without interruption.Electronic control units are available in various format, MASTER-SLAVE configuration and with various number or channel from two to eight.

Electronic driver can control all Epsilon Electronic System RGB lighting system; power supply are 5Vdc, 12Vdc or 24Vdc.

Technical Data Sheet